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    Wednesday, 24 October 2007


    It's been a pretty miserable seven days in this household. Firstly all four of us had the cold, and then, just as we were recovering, three of us got a sickness bug. Fortunately my two-week old avoided it. Unfortunately, I didn't. Eating has been sproadic, enjoying beer has been out of the question. Even surfing beer web sites and blogs doesn't appeal when you know you're not in a fit state to drink.

    Being physically sick is one of the worst experiences out there; it's like an out of body experience where you have absolutely no control over your own faculties.

    It made me wonder why people go out regularly to get drunk, and then throw up. There cannot possibly be any enjoyment in that. I like a beer as much as the next man, but do it in moderation. I like quality not quantity. I have not been sick on beer since the mid 1990s at Nottingham Beer Festival, and even then I blamed it on the cornish pasty I ate!!

    Anyway, hopefully things are on the mend now, and I can be drinking soon, and return to regular blogging.


    Ben, aka BadBen said...

    Get well you can have a beer.

    Bad Ben

    The Beer Nut said...

    Welcome back. I was beginning to fear you'd run off and joined the Sally Army or something.