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    Sunday, 25 May 2008

    Defunct Livery In Brighton

    One of the things which sets me apart from pretty much all of the other British beer bloggers is my camera skills. Those skills can be broken down into two components:

    Skill number one - the ability to take my camera anywhere with me.

    Skill number two - the ability to take a decent picture even if I remember my camera.

    Whilst out and about in Brighton last week, I saw three great examples of defunct livery on the front of pubs. First was The Kemptown Brewery (not the one still in existace) outside The Bulldog on St James Street. A distinctly drabby looking pub which I didn't venture into.

    Second was the beautiful green tiled frontage of The Heart & Hand in North Road in the North Laines advertizing United Ales and Stouts which was actually The Portsmouth & Brighton United Breweries Ltd. I did go in to this quaint characterful pub and had a lovely pint of Harveys Sussex Best, which almost matched the tiles.

    Third was the old Tamplins pub, The Victory in Duke Street. I've been in here before - it's crap, so didn't venture in this time.

    There are plenty of other examples in Brighton, as can be seen here. They are all for another time. The photographs aren't mine, but borrowed from the aforementioned site.

    1 comment:

    Bailey said...

    I haven't heard of any of those breweries, but then why would I have? Imagine a time when going on holiday meant drinking loads of local beers you'd never heard of -- the local mild, the local stout, the local pale ale... Nowadays, if you're, say, a Guinness drinker, you can get it everywhere from your local to (I imagine) the top of Mount Everest.

    I was about to congratulate you on the pictures until I spotted your disclaimer...