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    Thursday, 1 May 2008

    Mild In May

    Today marks the start of CAMRA's annual mild month. During this month pubs make an extra effort to put more milds through their pumps, and events are held to celebrate this much underrated drink.

    I'm a big fan of mild and am lucky to have two of the very best brewed on my doorstep: Potbelly Beijing Black, and Great Oakley Welland Valley Mild. There will, no doubt, be an abundance of these two beers in my local decent freehouses. I would prefer it however if a changing mild was a permanent sign at better pubs. The volumes drank during May suggest that it's an admired style, and the (usually) low alcohol content makes it an ideal beer for a session.

    I'm not sure who is to blame for the relative scarcity of mild during the other eleven months of the year. Is it the consumer who would rather drink other types of ale; the publican who is nervous whether it's salable; or the brewer who doesn't produce enough of it.

    I think that the current fashion of calling mild by another name as Lees have done with their Brewers Dark, and Everards have done with their latest beer is probably going to see an upturn in sales.

    It's a real shame though that brewers feel that they have to do this. I prefer to call a spade a spade.

    I've not been to a pub today but I'll try to keep an eye out for milds during the month, and let you know the best I sample in early June.


    Bailey said...

    Our local got a mild in for the "month of mild" a couple of years ago and has never stopped serving it. People seem to love it. One of our chums won't drink anything else these days -- "10 pints with no noticeable hangover!"

    maeib said...

    That's excellent. Which mild is it?

    Bailey said...

    Mighty Oak Oscar Wilde. The barmaids now just call it "Oscar", which is great.

    haddonsman said...

    Unsurprisingly, I will be hacking my way around the Nottingham Mild Trail (which also takes in Derby, Ilkeston, Ruddington and all points round the outer compass).

    First one tonight - Magpie Dark Secret.

    And here's a plug for the Notts CAMRA trail; if you ever plan on a trip up here, this supplement covers all the bus/tram/train routes between the good pubs as well as giving up to date pub opening times.

    Tandleman said...

    I was working at the pub last night, but raised a post work glass of Lees Mild - well we still have the Gb Mild pumpclip on - to Mild Month.