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    Sunday, 25 May 2008

    Northampton Beer Festival 2008

    The Northampton Beer Festival runs from this Thursday at 5pm and is then open all day in Friday and Saturday. It is at Delapre Abbey and my report of last year's festival can be seen here. I'm working the day sessions so cannot sure how many of the list of beers below I shall get to try. The list is looking pretty good.

    Abbeydale Moonshine
    Abbeydale Absolution
    Alehouse Commercial Mild
    Alehouse Smokey Joe
    Alehouse Rauchbier
    Anglo Dutch At t'Ghoul & Ghost
    Atomic Fission
    Bartrams Suffolk N Strong
    Bartrams Premier
    Beowulf Beorma
    Beowulf Spring Tide
    Beowulf Dark Raven
    Beowulf Dragonsmoke stout
    Beowulf Finshalls Porter
    Beowulf Chiller
    Beowulf Mercian Shine
    Black Country Pig on the Wall
    Black Country Bradleys Finest Golden
    Blythe Chase Bitter
    Blythe Ridware Pale
    Blythe Staffie
    Blythe Palmers Poison
    Blythe Johnsons
    Brewsters Hophead
    Brewsters Marquis
    Brewsters Cheval Mort
    Brewsters Daffy's Elixir
    Brewsters Hop a Doodle Doo
    Brewsters Bathsheba
    Bridestones Pennine Best
    Bridestones Pennine Gold
    Bridestones Sandstone
    Bridestones S Special
    Buntingford 92 Squadron
    Buntingford Golden Plover
    Buntingford Pargeter Dark Mild
    Buntingford Oliver Cromwell
    Buntingford Knight Templar
    Crouch Vale Anchor Street Porter
    Crouch Vale First Gold
    Crouch Vale Brewers Gold
    Crouch Vale Essex Boys Bitter
    Digfield Fools Nook
    Digfield March Hare
    Digfield Barnwell Bitter
    Digfield Shacklebush
    Digfield Mad Monk
    Digfield Dumpy's Special
    Eastwood Stirling
    Eastwood Best Bitter
    Eastwood Gold Award
    Eastwood Black Prince
    Elgoods Double Swan
    Elgoods Cambridge Bitter
    Elgoods Black Dog Mild
    Elland Born to be mild
    Elland Eden
    Elland Nettlethrasher
    Elland 1872 Porter
    Empire Entente Cordial
    Empire Shrikes Back
    Empire Crusader
    Empire Drystone
    Fenland Rabbit Poacher
    Fenland Sparkling Wit
    Fenland Raspberry Stout
    Frog Island Best
    Frog Island Shoemaker
    Frog Island Natterjack
    Frog Island Fire Bellied Toad
    Frog Island Croak & Stagger
    Funfair Meteorite
    Great Oakley Welland Valley Mild
    Great Oakley Wot's Occurring
    Great Oakley Wagtail
    Great Oakley Harpers
    Great Oakley Gobble
    Great Oakley Delapre Dark
    Great Oakley Tailshaker
    Great Oakley Festival Special
    Hambleton Stud
    Hambleton Nightmare
    Hambleton Stallion
    Harwich Town Mayflower
    Headless Owd Reg
    Highwood Shepherd Delight
    Highwood Harvest
    Highwood Old Timber
    Hoggleys Phipps Triple X
    Hoggleys Northamptonshire Bitter
    Hoggleys Kislingbury Bitter
    Hoggleys Mill Lane Mild
    Hoggleys Resevoir Hogs
    Hoggleys Pump Fiction
    Hoggleys Solstice Stout
    Hoggleys Mick's
    Hoggleys What Knees
    Hopshackle Shacklers Best
    Hopshackle Shacklers Gold
    Hopshackle Momentum
    Iceni Crocus
    Iceni Woolly Mammoth
    Iceni Roison Dubh
    Iceni Ported Porter
    Iceni It's a Grand Day
    Idle Idle Landlord
    Idle Idle Chef
    Idle Idle Sod
    Idle Idle Dog
    Idle Idle Cricketer
    Idle Idle Boggin
    J.Church Parsons Nose
    Little Valley Sixpence
    Little Valley Mild
    Little Valley Tods Blonde
    Little Valley Hebdens Wheat
    Magpie Dark Secret Mild
    Magpie Full Flight
    Magpie Fledgling
    Magpie Thieving Rogue
    Maypole Maybee
    Maypole Gatehopper
    Milestone Rich Ruby
    Milestone Somers Wheat
    Milton Icarus
    Milton Jupiter
    Milton Sparta
    Milton Cyclops
    Naylors Pinnacle Mild
    Naylors Pinnacle Porter
    Naylors Old Ale
    Naylors Special Brown Ale
    Naylors Blonde
    Naylors Pale
    Nethergate Three Point Nine
    Nethergate Augustinian
    Nethergate Mary's Ruby Mild
    Newby Wyke Summer Session
    Newby Wyke Kingston Topaz
    Newby Wyke Slingshot
    Newby Wyke Puffin
    Newby Wyke Marie Celeste
    Nobbys Wet Spell
    Nobbys Claridges Crystal
    Nobbys Wild West Ale
    Nobbys Best
    Oakham JHB
    Oakham White Dwarf
    Oakham Bishops Farewell
    Oakham Inferno
    Oakham Haka
    Oakham Mompessons Gold
    Oldershaws Pearl
    Oldershaws Mowbrays Mash
    Oldershaws Old Boy
    Oldershaws Decadense
    Poachers Shy Talk
    Potbelly Best
    Potbelly Aisling
    Potbelly Ambrosia
    Potbelly Pigs do Fly
    Potbelly Beijing Black
    Potbelly Inner Daze
    Potbelly Crazy Daze
    RCH Steam Pole
    RCH Pitch Fork
    RCH East St.Cream
    RCH Double Header
    Red Squirrel Prohibition
    Red Squirrel Dark Ruby Mild
    Rockingham Forest Gold
    Rockingham Dark Forest
    Saltaire Cascade
    Saltaire Million Ale
    Saltaire Dark Mild
    Saltaire Blonde
    Shardlow Locking Down
    Spire Chesterfield best
    Spire Sovereign IPA
    Tring Side Pocket for a Toad
    Tring Jack O'Legs
    Tring Tea Kettle Stout
    Vale Black Swan Mild
    Vale Black Beauty Porter
    Vale Grumpling Old Ale
    Vale Gravitas
    Vale Special
    Vale Spring Gold
    Warwickshire Lady Godiva
    Warwickshire Falstaff
    Warwickshire Golden Bear
    Warwickshire Kingmaker
    Weatheroak Ale
    Weatheroak May Day, May Day
    Weatheroak Keystone Hops
    White Horse Bitter
    Wolf Prairy Gold
    Wolf Straw Dog
    Wolf Wolf Ale
    Wolf Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
    Wolf Granny Wouldn't like it
    Wolf Coyote
    York Yorkshire Terrier


    YCC - Dubbel said...

    Hi Maeib,

    How was Delapre? Been eagerly awaiting a report. Enjoy your stint on the other side of the bar?

    It looks like we made the wrong choice with Newark in the end - it'll be back to Northampton for us next year!

    maeib said...

    Guys - it's this week. Doesn't start until tomorrow tea time so there's still a chance to come.

    Been busy helping set up yesterday and today ready for the big opening.

    YCC - Dubbel said...

    Of course, I was confusing the dates of the Cambridge fest with this one. Sadly other commitments mean we can't get over this week but if it's as good as we found it to be in 2007, we'll make it priority next year.

    Enjoy, and thanks for the comment!

    Anonymous said...

    Can't wait till tomorrow night. Always find thursday night the best night. As its alot quieter. Me and my mate are volunteering for the first time on friday night.