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    Wednesday, 14 May 2008

    What Do They Drink In Bury St Edmunds?

    I had to laugh on Monday night, whilst watching The One Show. The reporter went to Bury St Edmunds, primarily to visit England's smallest pub The Nutshell, which I have blogged about before.

    First though they went to everybody's favourite brewery Greene King to show what modern Bury is famous for. Then we saw all the various pub signs in town with the Greene King name (note though, that these were not the new style GK signs with just the brewery logo), then we went to chat to The Nutshell's landlord and get out our tape measure to prove its diminuitiveness.

    Finally we chat to two regulars who proclaim their love for the pub and the various characters who pass through its doors in the name of tourism. A closer look though reveals that these regulars are not drinking the local ale, but Guinness!

    So after a few minutes of wonderful advertizing for GK, we are left with the two customers who won't touch the stuff. What does that say I wonder?


    Tyson said...

    It says what we already know. That anybody with any sense avoids GK.

    Andy Holmes said...

    Someone must drink it, we only wish they didn't. Actually the beers fine, it's the lack of anything else to drink in 95% of East Anglian pubs that I object to.

    YCC said...

    It must be terrible being an ale drinker in Bury St Edmunds. If I lived there I would probably have to do my drinking in Norwich or Ipswich - or drink Guin... no, sorry, I couldn't complete that sentence.

    Anonymous said...

    Are you sure it wasn't GK Mild?

    If I had the misfortune of living in B st E, I would drink at The Old Cannon Brewery Tap I reckon.


    maeib said...

    Glen - No, I'm pretty sure from the colour and thickness of the head that it was Guinness. I've been to B St E twice but both times were before Old Cannon being set up. I remember drinking Iceni Deidre Of The Sorrows somewhere in town and really liking it.

    Matt said...

    GK beers don't bother me too much. They are at okay although pubs that serve them seem to be poor at cellar management.

    The business practices of GK put me off though.

    Paul Garrard said...

    The Nutshell is a great pub, and the IPA is not bad in there and like any other pub there will be people drinking non-real ale (hard to believe I know). It is a pub that has an odd clientele (bordering on the social misfit many of them). I saw the clip on the telly and thought it a shame that the landlord was not wearing his oft spied pork-pie hat. Talking of the Cannon, I despair when I drink there and see so many people drinking lager, Guinness, wine or anything but the excellent choice of ale. Some people just have no taste.
    Ycc it's not terrible being an ale drinker in BSE, there is some bloody good beer there including GK. I'm lucky that I now live both in Bury and Norwich. Can you have too much choice?
    I seem to now.