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    Tuesday, 25 September 2007

    UK's Smallest Pub - Go While You Can

    One of the most amazing pubs I have been in is The Nutshell in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Ignore the fact that the pub is in the home of Greene King and that it is their beer which is stocked; the pub is an absolute essential visit.

    It claims to be the tiniest pub in the UK measuring just 110 square feet, and on my visit there were about six people in, and it was crowded. The lack of square footage, though, makes for an intimate atmosphere, where everybody is your friend. There are eclectic decorations including a suspended mummified cat which has to be seen to be believed.

    Because of the size of the pub, drinkers often spill out on to the street (there is no garden). This is actually unlawful but the police have overlooked it at this particular establishment due to its size and the fact that the pub is a tourist attraction. However since the smoking ban the police in Bury are having to be more consistent. Smokers have not been allowed to take their alcohol onto the streets outside other pubs so all customers are being stopped doing so at The Nutshell.

    This is going to make a massive difference to the pub and its future is said to be uncertain. I think this is potentially a tragedy. The pub is wonderful and to lose it would be a disgrace. The least Greene King could do with their multi million business is make good any losses suffered at the pub to keep it open. They can certainly afford it!

    If however GK don't do the right thing and you've never been to The Nutshell, then get there quick before it's too late.

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