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    Friday, 21 September 2007

    Two New Beers From Badger

    It appears that Badger brewery has let the cat out of the bag with their latest product. Poacher's Choice is described as a liquorice and damson-flavoured 5.7% ABV dark ale and is said to be a winner of the Tesco Drinks Award.

    Interestingly the winners are not supposed to be announced until October 8th, so Tescos may not be pleased that this information is already out there, but hey I like it when Tescos get annoyed.

    This is the second interesting new Badger beer at the moment. Their 4.6% Pumpkin Ale is also new and is brewed with cloves and peat as well as the halloween vegetable. I'm not a huge fan of Badger beers but it's excellent to see them experimenting in this way with different ingredients.

    Pumpkin ales are very popular in the USA; at least 100 have been produced, but to my knowledge this is the first such in the UK. I look forward to trying it, and reviewing it here.


    bailey said...

    Hmmm. I think Badger's designers have been looking at Fuller's labels. Those do actually look interesting, though.

    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    Im not keen on the Badger beers either, the last one I tried , Champion or something with Elderflower was downright cloying.

    Anonymous said...

    Nope there at least 1 pumkin brew in the UK already. Bridge of Allan Aleoween. but its not widly available.

    I could definitly taste the Pumpkin.