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    Saturday, 22 September 2007

    Magners Light - I Can Hardly Wait

    Those wonderful people from Bulmers in Ireland are really spoiling us now. They are about to release a lower calorie version of their over ice cider Magners in the UK. It will be the same 4.5% alcohol by volume, but will have approximately 91 les calories per 330ml bottle. Allegedly it is already selling well in Ireland.

    Regular readers will recall that I didn't think much to the ordinary version and I am quite sure that this 'light' version will be equally poor if not considerably worse.

    We are promised that it will be available in Asda from October 1st. I will probably be setting up a sleeping bag outside the night before in anticipation.

    Actually, thinking about it, isn't there another way of making Magners lower in calories? Just use extra ice!


    Knut Albert said...

    There is a lot of crap that is selling well in Ireland!
    (Here in Norway, too!)

    The Beer Nut said...

    Amen to that, brother.

    Anonymous said...

    Yes it's a wonderful product! But for the record: Bulmers is not from ireland or in anyway affiliated with Magners. In fact, Bulmers is Magners' main competitor. Still a very nice product from Bulmers though!

    maeib said...

    Anonymous - No, Bulmers and Magners are the same thing. See this