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    Monday, 24 September 2007

    Don't Try This At Home

    Not a lot happens in Northampton where I live. We have a football team in the English third tier, a county cricket club in the second tier, and a Rugby Union team also in the second tier, in spite of being European Champions just seven years ago. Oh we had a mini tornado this morning, but you're not really interested in any of that nonsense.

    What we do have is a Champion Eater and Drinker, and he retired on Friday giving a final display of his ridiculous talents.

    Peter Dowdeswell lives just down the road in Earls Barton. His Wikipedia entry says he has drank 90 pints of beer in three hours, although the evidence for that is lacking. What we do know though is what he did on Friday at his retirement bash. He drank a pint of beer in one second standing on his head and downed a yard of ale (four and a half pints) in just a little longer.

    Let's just think about that again. A pint of beer in one second upside down. How can he even do that? Doesn't gravity have a part to play in all of this? I would struggle to drink a pint in half a minute the right way up.

    This guy is superhuman. Some would say super stupid, but he's raised loads for charity over the years, and he probably never has to pay for a meal (oh yes he holds scores of fast eating records too), or a drink.

    I hope he has a happy retirement. Anybody out there fancy challenging for his records?

    1 comment:

    The Beer Nut said...

    You also have Alan Moore. Though even his talent pales in significance to drinking a pint upside down in one second.