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    Sunday, 30 September 2007

    The Rake - I Must Go

    There was a good write up in yesterday's Telegraph about The Rake near Borough Market, London SE1.

    It's nice to be able to recommend an article as well writen and about a subject matter close to all our hearts: a good beer pub

    Sadly The Rake is on my to go list. I really don't get to London often enough, and when I do it's either for the purposes of going to a beer festival or a gathering. With the excellent Utobeer just around the corner and the wonderful food all over Borough Market, I really must get my arse down there soon.


    Mattias said...

    Yes you should, this little beer heaven is on my short list in London.

    And as a Swede I have already been there 3 times, so it must be easier for you.

    Compared to a typical English pub this is amazing and as I have mentioned before a mini version of our own Akkurat Belgian Bar in Stockholm.

    Eddie Rowles said...

    The fact that the Rake won the Evening Standard Bar of the Year doesn't say a lot for the other contenders.

    I eagerly awaited it's opening but too often I've been disappointed n the cask beer - I've said it before but often the beers don't match up to how I've had them elsewbere.

    If you're going to have a bottled beer, be prepared to give it several hours to warm up. I'm not an old git who wants lukewarm beer but most of the bottles on sale have had any taste frozen out of them.

    But give it a go and see what you think....

    Stonch said...

    Eddie, at first their cask beer was very dodgy but I think they sorted out the cellar a while ago. My main problem is with the imported keg stuff. They rarely seem to get the gas right, meaning either a tired rigmarole as the bar staff frantically try and draw out something over than foam, or a an entirely flat beer.

    The Rake is a great addition to the London beer scene but personally it isn't somewhere I go often.

    maeib said...

    I obviously cannot comment on the standard of any of the beer having not been, but will put that right when I do go.

    As for the cold bottles Eddie describes, I cannot bear my beer served too cold. This is a common problem I encountered in the States. Waiting too long for your beer to warm up is no fun whatsoever.