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    Wednesday, 12 September 2007

    England's Second City

    I had a meeting today in Birmingham which finished earlier than expected. So, armed with my new Good Beer Guide, I visited four pubs all within a short walk of each other.

    The four pubs I visited were:

    The Old Joint Stock

    The Wellington


    The Briar Rose

    I was going to write one article about my mini pub crawl, but the pubs are all so astonishingly different to each other, and in the context of being in the Good Beer Guide, I feel each warrants a small article. We have what is considered by some to be the premier real ale pub in the country; Birmingham's only Fullers Pub; a JDWetherspoons establishment, and what is probably the least worthy entry in the GBG I have ever encountered. Hopefully the next four pieces should be entertaining and food for thought. Please pop back.

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