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    Sunday, 16 September 2007

    Your Beer Set To Cost More

    The terrible weather we have experienced this year has bought many ramifications for anyone interested in beer or other related drinks. Apparently the sales of bottled ciders like Magners have fallen dramatically as punters are not interested in a glass of ice with something vaguely resembling cider poured on top if the sun isn't beating down. I would imagine there have been similar sales drops for draught and bottled lagers.

    However on a much more serious note, a report in one of the Sunday rags states that beer prices are set to increase on the back of the bad weather. Crops of malting barley has been seriously affected, and tons of it have had to be destroyed. The result of this is that barley has doubled in price in just twelve months. Thankfully our beer is not set to follow suit exactly, but it is predicted to go up by 20p a pint. It's disappointing, but it won't stop me drinking!!

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