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    Wednesday, 26 September 2007

    I Don't Think She Meant To Say That

    Foster's Brewery workers in Queensland, Australia are set to take industrial action over the next few days. The strikes are being called as the employers are ignoring the union members' desire to have pay and conditions agreed by the union Instead the brewers are set to impose regulations. I say all power to their elbow.

    And indeed in a classic case of management foot in mouth speak, a spokeswomen has made the classic admission that their beer is pretty crap anyway. She says ""No one's going to miss their VB, or their VB Mid or their Crown or their Crown Gold or their Stirling or their Stella Artois." I think what she means is that production won't be affected, but out of context I think we can all agree that if these beers were wiped off the face of the earth nobody would shed a tear.

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