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    Sunday, 9 November 2008

    Beer Of The Month Delayed

    Hopefully some of you have noticed that my Beer Of The Month piece hasn't appeared yet for October. This delay will be rectified as soon as RateBeer is available again. All my notes are on there and I have no idea whatsoever what the best beers I had during the month were.

    Just one more reason that we need RateBeer back as soon as possible.


    kennhyn said...

    Good beer stuff on your blog, I will continue checking on your blog for idea and info...cheers!

    haddonsman said...

    always keep notes
    always... keep... notes

    Adeptus said...

    It's a bit like electronic voting, You should always have a paper record for backup ;)

    hughie said...

    I have been thinking the unthinkable. If ratebeer did not return, what would be the best way to store ratings in future?

    haddonsman said...

    hughie, you need to build a wall and then chisel your reviews in. Wall Of Beer. Or you could just get a pda and keep an excel sheet.