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    Sunday, 23 November 2008

    The Pub Cat

    Why is it that grown men appear to go soft whenever a cat wanders around a pub? I was in The Wellington in Birmingham last week; the bottom end of the pub was full of men drinking in twos or alone, and in waltzed the moggy. Almost without fail everyone made a fuss of it. Even me, and I really don't like cats.

    There doesn't seem to be the same fuss about dogs, which are much better animals! More pubs should have a pub cat, if only to give lone saddos like me someone to talk to.


    haddonsman said...

    Because sad blokes always take any rare chance to stroke pussy?

    I don't have a cat but apparently i 'get on' with them. Pub cats are cool, used to drink in a pub where Tiggs would walk along the bar and expect you to move your pint so she could get past. Typical woman.
    I prefer pub dogs - having spent an hour and a half today in the company of a border collie who was happy to skid down the bar in pursuit of a thrown beermat. The thwack of dog onto the far wall, claws pawing at an ungrippy wood floor, was the sound of my lunchtime. And what a wonderful sound it was.

    YCC - Dubbel said...

    Don't like cats, selfish, superficial, stuck up, evil vermin that they are! (Well behaved) pub dogs on the other hand...

    Gazza Prescott said...

    Because cats are hellfire critters whilst dogs are filthy, smelly, slobbering dullards which waste valuable oxygen and trip people up whilst carrying beer. Their only useful purpose, as far as I've been able to ascertain, is to bite chavs.