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    Monday, 30 June 2008

    £3.75 A Pint

    I did a sponsored walk on Sunday. It was organised by the local Hilton Hotel, and was in aid of a charity set up by my wife's cousin. It's not often I do anything that worthy, and the feeling of doing something good, and being out in the fresh air really was pleasurable.

    A lovely buffet and as much tea/coffee/squash you could drink was laid on afterwards. Squash was the perfect drink for me, but my brother-in-law had a pint of Stella. It was the unbelievable price of £3.75 a pint.

    It's a crap drink anyway, and to pay that price is beyond belief. However, to make it worse, he had a second. Some people!!


    Stonch said...

    A pint of lager in a posh hotel is clearly going to be more expensive than in a pub. The same goes for pretty much all food and drink. I don't see your point?

    Whorst said...

    The Stella we get over here is actually brewed in Belgium. It's a decent continental lager. Is the English version really that bad?

    SheyMouse said...

    It is getting to a point where these "premium" beers are so ridiculously priced that everyone will be turning to the usually cheaper ales and bitters on offer when going to a pub.
    I say 'when going to a pub' because the unfortunate alternative is that people will be put off going to pubs and just buy beer in a supermarket and invite a few mates around. :-)

    The Beer Nut said...

    You can easily pay £3.75 for a pint of Stella round these parts. And I can name you a couple of pubs that'll charge you a whole quid more.

    maeib said...

    My point is that regardless of the inflated price, free stuff being available (albeit it not alcohol) and the knowledge that one is being ripped off, people still pay. It's more fool them but as I said "some people........"

    I seem to recall a quote from Tim Webb saying English brewed Stella is better than Belgian, but if that is the case then poor old Belgium!

    And as for the prices in Ireland - outrageous