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    Monday, 16 June 2008

    The Greatest Pub Game In The World

    Over the years I've enjoyed the following pub games:

    Bar Billiards
    Northamptonshire Skittles
    Quiz Machines
    Arcade Games
    Fruit Machines
    Shove Ha'penny

    And possibly some others when I've had a pint or two too many. However none of these can match The Greatest Pub Game Of All.

    And that is:- balancing beer mats on the pub cat's head! See how many you can do next time you have a feline drinking companion, before it either shakes them off, or alternatively lunges at you with its claws at full extension.

    Don't say you've not been warned, but it is great fun.


    a swift one... said...

    It's preferable to use a tight pussy for this exercise. A couple of slurps of milk stout will soon have your felix cooperating. As a matter of interest just how many have you managed/had??!!

    SheyMouse said...

    Does the pub's resident German Shepherd count? :-)

    maeib said...

    My record is only about 5 or 6. It's the twitching of the ears which is really funny. Little blighters really don't like it.

    And sheymouse - you can try the German Shepherd if you wish. But his/her teeth may be prohibitive.

    The Southport Drinker said...

    You missed out "spoof" and the flick and catch beer-mat game

    maeib said...

    And dominoes. What's spoof?

    YCC - Dubbel said...

    The RSPCA have been alerted and are on their way round... ;)

    haddonsman said...

    We indulge in Ram-baiting; Derby County supporters stumbling into to those rare Forest outposts here in Derbyshire are treated with rousing verses of: "We drink your beer/and shag your women/and win the Cup with Brian Clough'

    Not *exactly* a game, more like slapping a stuck pig.

    We're a skittles county in the south and have the occasional boule pit.

    And the cats I know in pubs would scratch your bollocks off if you tried to fanny around with beer mats on its noggin!

    haddonsman said...

    I forgot: Spoof