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    Saturday, 14 June 2008

    Otley O8 - Champion Beer Of Wales

    O8 from Otley Brewery has won the Champion Beer Of Wales.It is the second time in three years it has won the award, obviously really appealing to the chosen judges.

    I've lamented recently that I've been a bit disappointed with a number of Welsh beers recently. I've found them (especially the pale ones) to be a bit bland and uninteresting, and it is interesting that this beer, at a cool 8% is winning awards.

    I've only had the beer bottled, and found it to be a fairly sweet fruity barley wine, but lacking in depth of flavour, and body. I should be interested to try it on cask, and shall seek it out at festivals this summer.

    The other beer from Otley that I've had bottle conditioned is the interestingly named O-Garden, a pretty authentic play on the Belgian wit style of beer which it is amusingly named in reference to. I reckon Otley could well be a brewery to keep your eye on.


    John Clarke said...

    I think you may have been unlucky as I have had some good examples in bottle. I would personally categorise this beer as a triple as it seems to tick most of the boxes that I expect to see in a beer of that type.

    Gazza Prescott said...

    I rate some Otley beers highly, but O8 to me is a bland sweet beer with not a lot of interest about it... which is funny, as it keeps winning awards. Maybe I don't have a clue?

    craig garvie said...

    Had it a couple of times in Bottle and it impresedme the first time and didnt disapoint the 2nd
    Got a 3rdin the Cupboard.

    hughie said...

    Mark, I happened to notice on RateBeer that you're the leading rater of Welsh Beers. Have you spent some time in the Pricipality?

    maeib said...

    Hughie - Not for years. I do actively seek out Welsh and Scottish beers at festivals though. I've not bought an English beer at GBBF for three years now, and I've no intention of doing so again this year!