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    Monday, 23 June 2008

    Good Beer At Glastonbury Shock

    I always thought Glastonbury was all mud and plastic glasses full of dodgy lager. I was surprised therefore to read that Woodfordes is supplying 50000 gallons of the good stuff to the music festival.

    I like Woodfordes beers, but sadly see them all too rarely in my locality in spite of beers from East Anglia being fairly common around here. The three chosen beers from their regular range are all nice hoppy flavoursome ales, and I'm sure the festival special Mud In Yer Eye will be pretty good also.

    It's sensible, though, that they've avoided supplying Headcracker which is an excellent barley wine, but might just be a step too far for the vast majority of the revellers.


    YCC - Dubbel said...

    Mine and Pan-C's first ever experience of Woodfordes was at Glasto back in 2004. They supplied casks of Wherry which were served by gravity and lasted the entire weekend.

    I remember there was a power cut to one of the beer tents and as we approached the bar the barman apologetically informed us that he could not serve the 'Euro-fizz' due to the outage. We didn't need electricity for our traditionally-dispensed ale and left very smugly with our brimming pints of East Anglian goodness!

    We didn't get a festival special though. Sure the Mud In Yer Eye will be a corker - and hopefully available elsewhere too!

    Tandleman said...

    Woodforde beers are just a bit, well, brown really. Not my kind of beers.