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    Friday, 27 June 2008

    Another Reason For Dodgy Pubcos To Moan

    The water crisis in Northants, as it's now being called, is still with us and may be so for another three weeks. And of course it's yet another thing publicans can blame for falling profits.

    So to good weather, bad weather, Alistair Darling, hop shortages, England not qualifying for Euro 2008, the smoking ban etc. we can now add Anglian Water Authority to the list of why pubs are supposedly failing.

    When however you look at the reasons given by this lady, you lose all sympathy.

    We are told that:

    Customers cannot have ice in their drinks. Well poor them! I can't really see many people will stay at home because they can't have ice in their G and T, and can't they buy in their ice anyway?.

    Chefs are boiling enormous pots of water just to do the washing up. Well so are we at home. It's a sacrifice - live with it! Again it's not likely to keep the punters away.

    Pubs are buying in bottled cola and lemonade. Because the normal stuff are "boxes of syrup which are mixed with the water and then carbonated". Bloody hell, I never knew that! Well I shall avoid soft drinks in the pub in future. Oh wait; I do that already!

    Actually I've got no sympathy at all. I wouldn't be suprised if drinkng in town has actually gone up these last couple of days, because the beer and other drinks are so safe. It should be noted that the establishments in The Richardson Group portfolio, and not regular haunts of mine. It's always companies like this that do the complaining. Decent pubs just get on with it, and keep providing an excellent service.


    Anonymous said...

    If the chefs have to boil water for washing up,how are pubs they doing the linecleans?


    maeib said...

    That's a good question, although I don't want to think about the answer or I might not drink out for a few weeks

    haddonsman said...

    Would the chemicals used not counteract the problem?

    FYI - I couldn't access the article from the hyperlink but it can be viewed via

    I'm not surprised it's a pubco having a moan - chuff-tight margins and all that - whereas indy landlords and ladies take it on the chin like everything else and do what they can. Apart from bleat to the press to get what amounts to little more than 'come and drink in our pubco pubs'

    And FFS - buy some bags of ice and ration it. How do enjoy your Pimms otherwise?!?

    Anonymous said...

    You still need to flush the the lines through with water to cleanse the chemical residue.I am intrigued to know what they are doing.


    Paul Garrard said...

    "You still need to flush the the lines through with water to cleanse the chemical residue.I am intrigued to know what they are doing."

    Perhaps they are flushing through with Euro-fizz?