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    Thursday, 12 June 2008

    Hats Off To Hertfordshire

    One of the joys of being a beer and stats geek and a premium member of RateBeer is that the package of pretty useless statistics is growing. I say useless because to most people it's just a collection of meaningless numbers only of use to the anoraks. But I'll come out and say that lists and numbes have always fascinated me. I can look at cricket scorecards and averages all day long, and if figures like that are available for beers then whoppee doo!

    One of the things we've recently done at RateBeer is broken down all the breweries into their counties, so that your stats package now includes how many beers you've rated from each county. And of course from that you can see which county has the highest average beer rating.

    My top county is Hertfordshire with 48 beers rated at an average of 3.42. That's a high score and it's almost totally due to the quality output from both Alehouse, and Buntingford. These are both breweries with a fairly prolific output but who know how to brew great stuff, especially hoppy beers.

    Bottom of the pile comes Berkshire, so the less said about them the better, so well done Hertfordshire - there will always be a place in my heart for Herts!


    Paul Garrard said...

    Buntingford are a pretty useful brewery, they pop up at a lot of the festivals I go to. There beer is always worth a try and most often enjayable.

    YCC - Dubbel said...

    Buntingford are great and there's always a good number of their beers at the Leicester beer fest, different ones each year.

    I've not been quite so exposed to Alehouse beers but will keep a keen eye out seeing as they carry the maeib seal of approval!

    Stonch said...

    On my first ever visit to the Lower Red Lion in St Albans (a brilliant pub) I had a half of Rick's End Game Technique. I'm afraid I thought it was dreadful. To be honest I've yet to enjoy anything from Alehouse, despite having had about ten of his brews.

    maeib said...

    Stonch - hmmm - there's a few beers that we seem to be at polar opposites about it seems. Mostly heavily flavoured, some might say more extreme beers.

    However I also like Landlord and as for Earthmonk - more please.

    I am fully in agreement with you as well about The Lower Red Lion. Wish it were nearer my home!

    Stonch said...

    I've had loads of strong beers that I've enjoyed (although I admit I rarely drink them). I just don't like excessively sweet and alcoholic specimens. Rick's Endgame Technique was a case in point. Horrid. I think particularly bad microbrews need to be called out so that the finer specimens can be honestly praised.

    Buntingford Brewery said...

    Well, ahem, thank you! Given we are not that prolific when compared to other breweries, it is something of a surprise, albeit a very pleasant one. And of course it's always nice to know our beers are well recieved - so thank you again. :-)