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    Tuesday, 10 June 2008

    Phipps Beers Recreated

    I was very excited to read this article in my local paper today. Phipps Beers really are synonymous with Northampton but ceased being produced long before I had my first taste of beer. So the thought of their ales being recreated is really exciting.

    There are a few examples of defunct Phipps Brewery livery around town, I really must get around to photographing them and publishing them at some point, but how good would it be to see the logo resurrected and being seen around our pubs again?

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    The Real Phipps NBC said...

    Hello maeib, good to read that you are as excited by the thought of a real pint of Phipps as we are. The Chronicle article has flushed out many former Bridge Street employees including a former brewer and a chemist, both of whom have added new detail to the recipe and process we've researched. Time as well as beer can cloud the memory but some these gentlemen have confirmed some aspects, contradicted others aas well as adding new information. It has taken 3 yers work so far but we hope the wait will be worth it as we want the beer to be right and historical, there would be no point in calling it Phipps otherwise. At the moment we think we will bottle the first brew to use as a taster for the casks, so hopefully the label you use on your blogs will grace a full bottle again within the year, Cheers