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    Thursday, 22 November 2007

    Messing Up The Best Job In The World

    28 year old Helen Moore claims to have the best job in the World. She is chief lager taster (sic) for Tescos Supermarkets. She has tasted over 1000 lagers as part of her job. I suspect they mean beers of all genres rather than just lagers, but that's British journalism for you.

    Of course drinking 1000 different beers is not a particularly unusual feat, but the fact that she has done this in the name of Tescos whose beer range is fairly ordinary to say the least is strange.

    Particular 'gems' from around the World available in Tescos at the moment include: Kamenitza Svetlo from Bulgaria, A. Le Coq Premium from Estonia and Bergenbier from Romania. None of your World classics there which a woman whose tasted more than 1000 should be able to pick out and a supermarket with the clout of Tescos could arrange to stock on your shelves.

    I have a distinct hatred of Tescos and reading about this woman makes me even angrier. I mean just look at her favourite five beers. Is she really fit to have this job? Couldn't all of us do a much better job?


    Stonch said...

    Now, now, Mark you sound too much like an angry beer geek here!

    In all honesty the girl needs to sort out that dodgy fringe. Then we can talk about the beers.

    I see her boyfriend is an accountant. That seems appropriate for someone who loves mass produced lagers!

    maeib said...

    I think I've demonstrated before that I get angry about such things as bad journalism and so called experts who get it so wrong.

    I'm curious how she got this job as opposed to someone with some taste!

    I'm actually suprised that she's reasonably attractive; I hadn't even noticed her fringe. And I bet her fringe is better than her fridge!

    Boak said...

    Er... as a female accountant who´s really into beer, there´s a couple of things i need to say here.

    Loads of accountants I know are into beer, it goes with the territory (ability to be fascinated by minute details that really aren´t that important to the rest of the world.

    Also, if the Tesco lager taster was male, would you bother discussing his fringe or, indeed, his other half?

    maeib said...

    You're right Boak, and no offence meant, either to accountants or befringed ladies.

    My criticism wasn't based on her sex, just her poor taste where beer is concerned.

    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    Even the Sun's website is evil, it kept crashing my browser.

    brains sa ruined my life said...

    Reality check here - the Sun is Britains biggest paper right. I'm just happy that someone even mentions beer like Svyturys and Erdinger as opposed to the truly industrial bilge that most Sun readers drink. Looks like a bottle of Coopers Vintage in front of her in the beer! She is quite a fox too. Lucky accountant i say!

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