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    Wednesday, 28 November 2007

    Throw Away Your Beer Fridges? I Don't Think So!

    North Americans are being urged to give up their beer fridges.

    It is claimed that having a second fridge, especially if it is on the old side is a drain on electricity, and unnecessarily damaging to the environment.

    I'm all for green measures and protecting the ozone layer and all that. But come on, we're talking about keeping our beer cold here. Let's have a go at something trivial instead.


    Fidothedog said...

    Can't we just encourage the whale hugging greens to cull themselves for the sake of the planet?

    They will take my beer fridge out of my cold dead hands...

    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    Get rid of your fridges, keep your beer in a cellar. you might actually taste it.

    David said...

    Yea, right. Then where will we put all that kangaroo meat? :-),21985,22562480-662,00.html

    Stonch said...

    The last guy to leave a comment is either a twat or being quite sarcastic. If the latter, I did like the Heston reference. I had dinner sitting next to Charlton Heston once. I asked him to do his famous "get your hands off me..." line from Planet of the Apes and he did. No arguments. Pity he's a repugnant, right-wing gun nut.

    Giving up a beer fridge is surely an easy thing to do. Just get one big fridge that holds both beer and food. Oh, and drink beer that can be served at cellar/room temperature. And eat more fresh food. Then you won't have any problems at all.

    If you're thinking that having one very big fridge is probably no better for the environment than having two wee ones - maybe you're right. But then jetting around the world telling others to stop producing so many carbon emissions is also a little contradictory, but there are people getting away with that.

    Long comment, that one.

    brendan said...

    I finally just got one. c'mon why does every good thing the darn baby boomers got, get taken away as soon as I get a chance at it.

    brendan said...

    North America is a different place entirely. The cellars are not an option in many locations since the water table is high, or the summer temps are too warm. Also many North American families use their secondary fridge as a deep freeze, since it saves to buy in bulk, and if you hunt or fish forget about it. We just installed solar panels and called it a wash.

    maeib said...

    I have a second fridge which I stock my crappy lagers in. These beers would not be cold enough just stored in the garage like my decent beers.

    The house fridge is usually full of baby stuff.

    The Dude said...

    So stonch,

    First it was:

    "The last guy to leave a comment is either a twat or being quite sarcastic."


    "Pity he's a repugnant, right-wing gun nut."

    Perhaps the former is actually a reference to the latter?