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    Tuesday, 26 February 2008

    Brooklyn Lager - It's Lovely

    I first drank Brooklyn Lager in early 2004. I was underwhelmed, finding it a little too sweet and cloying for my palate at that time. I hadn't really discovered American beers and hops at that time, and should probably admit to not understanding the hops and even being put off a little by the word "lager".

    However recently I've read a few comments from people whose taste in beer is similar to mine stating how much they enjoy the beer and at £1 a bottle in Sainsbury's, what a great 'go-to' beer it is.

    So I parted with my quid and tried a bottle on Sunday. What joy! It's actually a beautiful little beer. The aroma is so subtly hopped, you can smell the cascades but it's far more delicate and welcoming than some beers with that hop are. I guess that's the hallertauer mitelfruh talking. The taste too is beautifully balanced. It's still got that sweet edge I noticed before but it's a bitter sweetness with really pleasant hop notes coming through. It doesn't even taste like it's bottom fermented to me. I would have said it's a pale ale if I'd tasted it blind, albeit it with a lack of any agressive hopping.

    I drank a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Sierra Nevada Celebration straight after and easily enjoyed the Brooklyn more.

    And all that for just 100pence. I think I'll get me a few more bottles.


    Stonch said...

    Yes, it's great. However the fact Sainsbury's are selling it so cheaply comes as a surprise, and is perhaps a little worrying. Let's hope they aren't delisting it and are clearing out stock...

    maeib said...

    I'm pretty sure it's been that price here for a while. I'll see what the situation is this weekend and report back. Sam Adams lager has been £1 for months and no sign of discontinuation so looking good.

    Anonymous said...

    When I was last over in the States, about 6 years ago, I had Brooklyn Brown Ale which was pretty damn good. I was surprised because I'd assumed they all drunk Bud and shots

    Bailey said...

    It might be in my top ten (which actually has about fifty beers in it...). As you say, a great beer to drink when you just want something to accompany dinner or watching telly. We always enjoy introducing British real ale types to it and watching the confused and delighted looks on their faces.

    Ted said...

    Brooklyn Lager is a very nice session beer and I've been enjoying it for years.

    There have been a couple of occasions over the past decade when Brooklyn have tried to get a foothold in the UK market with the lager. I think the first time was when Wicked Pete's brews were over here, pushed by Oddbins when they still had a decent choice of beers from around the world.

    I remember Waitrose took it at one point and they also ended up selling it off cheap.

    I've not seen anything from Wicked Pete for many years so assume they're no longer around.

    We were in New York in the mid to late 90s and wandered over to Brooklyn for a brewery trip - we were the only ones on it - which was nice. I believe they may contract brew some of their main brands out of Brooklyn.

    I agree with southportbooze that their Brown Ale is a lovely beer and in probably my favourite.

    Tandleman said...

    It was a very acceptable beer, particularly like by my better half, on our recent New York visit.