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    Wednesday, 13 February 2008

    Naked In Northants

    If nudism is your thing and you are in the Northamptonshire area this Valentine's Day, then feel free to get your kit off at The White Horse in Silverstone.

    This is the second year that nude dining is allowed on the day for lovers. Last year though only one man turned up!

    You may feel it's my duty to go along tomorrow and get a blogger's eye perspective of the occasion, but I'm washing my hair.


    Anonymous said...

    Coward!, Craig

    The Southport Drinker said...

    If they had that in Southport, you wouldn't be able to keep people away

    haddonsman said...

    But you've got no hair, you fecking convict-cut boy! I was expecting you to get down there and strain your sprouts to see if the diners dumplings were dipped in stout!