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    Friday, 22 February 2008

    Old Speckled Hen The Ale Of Choice?

    Apparently Old Speckled Hen is the ale of choice for premium lager drinkers. So proud are they of this that Greene King are spending £1.5 million advertizing the beer is publications which appear to appeal to lager drinkers.

    Confirms what I've thought all along. It doesn't really taste of much at all like the majority of premium lagers available in this country.

    Note however that the image above is the days when the beer was brewed by Morland and was 5.2% as opposed to the mere shadow it is now.


    Stonch said...

    According to a publican of advanced years I spoke to last week, When GK dropped the strength of Old Speckled Hen they converted a poor seller into a real moneyspinner.

    There seems to be a consensus among those in the trade that beers over X% abv are too difficult to shift to be worthwhile unless you run a very ale-focussed pub. What X equals depends on the nature of one's business. If you're well located for a brisk trade midweek and at lunchtimes, a choice of two beers under 4.5% abv is wise, even if you only have three handpumps.

    Not what a beer ethusiastic wants to here, but an explanation of why GK made the decision to change the OSH recipe.

    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    I understood that it was still 5.2% in the bottled format.

    Paul Garrard said...

    The last pint of OSH I had was just so underwhelming. I'm sure it's had a flavour bypass!