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    Friday, 15 February 2008

    Still Searching For Cherwell Valley

    My quest to sample the first beer from the new Cherwell Valley Brewery in Northants should have reached fruition today as I went to a small beer festival at The Old Grammarians Club in Wellingborough.

    I was promised twenty local beers to include Cropredy Bridge 1644, the first output from the brewery. Alas it was not to be; I was told "they couldn't deliver". So presumably their vehicle caught a puncture (or other stupid excuse). Still there were beers there from Great Oakley, Hoggleys, Nobbys and Potbelly as well as a few non-Northants beers so I shouldn't complain too much.

    Plus tomorrow I'm off to the Merton Winter Beer Festival where I'm promised some superb beers (sadly no Cherwell Valley though). I'll report back later.


    John Clarke said...

    A Cherwell Valley beer was on sale at Fleetwood Beer Festival last night (Thursday). Rather nice it was, too.

    Bailey said...

    You're on fire! We've hardly posted at all this week, but you've been firing on all cylinders. Keep up the good work! All interesting stuff.

    maeib said...

    Bailey - Thanks for the kind words. I like to post at least twice every three days on average but it's not always possible. I've been catching up a bit this week.

    John - That's typical I'm within twelve miles and can't find it, yet it turns up on the NW coast. I believe though that Boggart are distributing it in your area. Glad you enjoyed it. That's a good sign.

    Tandleman said...

    Maeib. Did you mention the dreaded "B" word?

    maeib said...

    Tandleman - If you mean Boggart then no I didn't because I don't think they'd have a clue who I was talking about. We're all very parochial down here in Northamptonshire, and most pubs and clubs wouldn't recognise Mancunian distributors. I think the brewery was due to bring the beer themselves but something went wrong sadly.

    haddonsman said...

    Well, here's some gen from, er, scoopgen:

    "News on above met them in Turf Tavern Oxford this afternoon, and another
    contact number is 0784 190 2427.
    On talking to them they are more interested in selling beer ina 15 mile
    radius of brackley than further afield?
    Considering they started brewing in January they have decided to have a
    holiday, yet another? mark."

    maeib said...

    Haddonsman - I saw that. MIck Furn appears to be a self nominated spokesman for CV on Scoopgen and gives more gen than anyone could wish for. I notice it was on in The Anchor this week. My money is that it will appear at Leicester BF.