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    Sunday, 17 February 2008

    Naked In Northants - Cancelled!

    I reported on Wednesday that a Silverstone pub was planning a nudist's corner for Valentine's Day.

    Well surprise, surprise the local constabulary stepped in and had the event cancelled. Apparently it may have broken certain laws under the Sexual Offences Act.

    So Health & Safety had already made the event cold food only, and now the law had it cancelled entirely. Local naturists are going to complain to police so it will be interesting to see if the event goes ahead in 2009. Mind you, I still won't be attending!


    Paul said...

    If it had gone ahead and this was a pub that I used, then when there, I'd be thinking, "has someone's naked bottom been on the chair I'm siting on?". Not sure I could sit comfortably with that on my mind.

    maeib said...

    It very much depends whose bottom it was. If it were mine you'd be right to be worried. However if it were Kylie Minogue's it would be a different matter. (Not sure she gets to The White Horse in Silverstone much though)