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    Monday, 11 February 2008

    Stone Brewery Come To Kent, England

    JD Wetherspoons are shipping Mitch Steele from Stone and Toshi Ishii from Yo-Ho Brewing Company to Shepherd Neame, and Marstons respectively to brew a beer each for their festival in March and April.

    This is a pretty exciting venture. It will be good for those who have sampled these beers already brewed at source to see if they work as well with British water at British facilities, and with British kit. It will also be interesting to see how a cask conditioned IIPA goes down with Wetherspoon festival goers.

    I'm certainly looking forward to the event, which as can be seen here will have some decent British beers available as well.


    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    I tried the Stone Ruination last year it wasn't as hoppy or as big tasting as I would have expected.

    I hopefully have some dogfishhead bottles on the way which should be interesting.

    Stonch said...

    You'll recall that recently I wrote about finding cask Old Tom at a Spoons festival. The landlord there explained to me that the strong beers are only sold in halves and mainly go to young lads who see the high ABV as a challenge. As such this IIPA will end up splattered on pavements outside kebab shops.

    Are Spoons pubs really the right venue for this kind of thing? Indeed are any pubs? I just don't see that very strong cask beer has a market.

    The Southport Drinker said...

    I'm glad you've got such confidence. The Spoons near you must be a good one. No matter how good the beer, it'll be no good at the Southport Spoons

    haddonsman said...

    Marstons? Brewing a BEER? It'll never catch on ;-)

    Ah, this'll be fun. At least I drink in a fairly-responsible Spoons, where the pisshead regulars will all still be on Marco's anyway.

    But I see Stonch's point; all the flat-price festivals I go to see the high ABV beers drunk out by the WifeBeater crowd who wear last night's vomit like a badge of honour. Which is why they drive shit cars with high insurance. Oh, yesh!