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    Monday, 4 June 2007

    Cider Sales Higher Than Ale Sales

    Figures released this weekend show that the value of home drunk cider outweighs that of home drunk ale for the first time over the last twelve months.

    Shoppers spent £453 million on cider against £447 million on ale. Lager, of course overtook ale some years ago.

    Now I like a good cider. In fact at many beer festivals I go to I move on to cider quite rapidly if I feel the beer quality isn't all it should be. The problem here though is that this huge increase in cider spend is all down to the new phenomenon of "cider over ice" lead by Magners.

    I can't directly comment on these ciders as I've not had the 'pleasure' of trying them yet. But comments on Ratebeer are none too positive. Of course the vast majority of ale sold for home consumption is not real ale just like these ciders are not real ciders, but pasteurized commercial beer is so much better than commercial cider. I had half a pint of Blackthorn last night. Bleeaach!

    I honestly believe these are going to be a short-lived fad. The Caffreys phenomenon didn't last too long and alcopops are not as popular as they once were.

    Hopefully the good stuff will see a rise in sales position again before too long.


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