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    Friday, 29 June 2007

    Drinking at Home To Increase

    Online beer seller Rent-a-keg have sold twice as many kegs of beer in the last week than they do in an average month, as drinkers prepare to drink at home rather than in smoke free pubs. The range of beers available are prety dire to say the least, but obviously people who cannot bear to drink without smoking have dodgy palates and don't care about quality ales and lagers.

    I suppose it's a good thing though that rather than try unnecessary, and ultimately unsuccessful, protests these punters are staying indoors and clogging up their own homes with smoke.

    Obviously great off-licences like those I have previously blogged about will see an upturn in sales too, and well deserved for them it is. Evidence suggests that on sales will decline by 4% in the short-term, and will gradually pick up over time. Hopefully all decent pubs can cope with this issue.

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