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    Wednesday, 20 June 2007

    Wetherspoons Confusion Over What Is Beer

    I was rather surprised on arriving home from work to find a brochure from Wetherspoons amongst the other various items of junk the postman delivered today. The brochure is entitled "Discover Wetherspoon" and there are over £50 worth of vouchers included to make savings on food, wine, spirits and beer. Maybe you had one too, and are wetting your tastebuds at the prospect of chilli con carne for £2.99.

    Now I would never eat in a JDW but I've certainly been known to nip in for a coulpe of halves of whatever guest ales are on offer, and the beer is usually good. The prices are certainly excellent, although it could be argued they are pricing small pubs out. JDW have, however, championed real ale since their formation, and their range of foreign lagers is pretty decent also.

    However what is really bugging me is their statement which is in this brochure and all their pubs: "Temperature of all our beers, a cool 1-3° guaranteed". This is simply misleading. Their cask ales are not, and should not be, served at these temperatures. So why don't they tell the truth? Do they care? Or are they simply not sure exactly what constitutes beer? The bizarre thing is that a lot of lager drinkers who enjoy their super-chilled product would claim not to like beer!

    Come on Mr. Martin; get your advertizing right.

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    tommy n said...

    Agreed! They should say all tasteless, sterile, over carbonated beverages served 1-3 Degrees C. JDW is normally a good bet to get a decent tipple but this is sure to confuse some customers.