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    Saturday, 30 June 2007

    A Funny Thing Happened To My Beer

    I'm sat at home tonight enjoying a few beers safe in the knowledge that from tomorrow every beer will be enjoyed in the same smoke free air as I am currently enjoying.

    I have already had a bottle of Mommeriete Meibok and a bottle of Allagash White when I decide to make Alvinne Blond my nightcap. Wow, what a lively beer. My first pour gets about 5cl of beer in my Delirium Tremens glass and the rest is head. Ok says I, let it settle and try again. I get all the beer in this time, and hold the glass in hand concentrating on something else. Then my hand suddenly gets wet. The head has actually grown in the glass and is overflowing. It certainly appeared to have settled on first pouring, but no, it's like the mallow monster from Ghostbusters. I took a picture for posterity.

    By the way, the beer's alright, but nothing special, but it sure was a bit of fun. Thanks for listening!

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    AshleyUNOB said...

    I like your style and think you should become a Beer Delegate. Check out for details!


    Secretary General, the United Nations (of Beer)