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    Sunday, 1 July 2007

    Smelling Of Roses

    So I made my first trip to a post smoking-ban pub today, and how lovely it was. I went to The Malt Shovel, and, although I am sure it was suggestion, the pub smelled like new.

    It was as busy as usual, if not busier, for a Sunday lunchtime, and everybody was, of course, complying with the law. There's a small garden out the back with five benches, and that's where smoking is still allowed. People were nipping in and out whenever they thought it necessary, and that's what the law allows for.

    The free nibbles on the bar (black pudding, roast potatoes and cheese and biscuits) were all the better for the clean air. The Malt Shovel was never the smokiest of pubs but there was sometimes enough to put you off your beer. Not anymore though. I came out (almost) smelling of roses!

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