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    Sunday, 29 July 2007

    Happy Again At US Beer Flight

    Well after my two previous posts regarding the Foreign Beer List at GBBF; one of euphoria at the superb list including an unprecentedly great US cask list, and then the one of deep gloom that the US beers would probably not be coming at all due to ridiculous shipping laws, I find out that 34 casks are actually being flown over from the States. OK it's not as good as it could have been, but it's a damn site better than nothing. We will still be getting such exciting beers as Stone IPA, Pale Ale and Ruination, together with Three Floyds Romulus (note Remus hasn't made it), and the intriguing Martha's Exchange Velvet Elvis Vanilla Bean Stout.

    I would like to pay enormous tribute, and gratitude, to those that have arranged the flight and agreed the extra cost. I believe the 30th GBBF deserves as good a beer list as possible, and at least BSF is playing its part, even if the British cask list will be fairly dull as ever.

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