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    Sunday, 8 July 2007

    Drinking Lambic At A German Festival

    I went to Leicester again on Saturday, primarily for the German Beer Festival at Swan & Rushes. I'd visited their Belgian festival last year where ten or so draught beers were available in the courtyard together with some special bottles inside the pub. This event was somewhat similar and eight beers were served at a time from taps, rather than straight from the bottle. The list of beers available were mostly common ones, but was cleverly chosen with some world classics. Those on offer (with bolded ones on while I was there) were:

    Andechs Doppelbock Dunkel
    Andechs Dunkles Weissbier
    Andechs Spezial Hell
    Andechs Weissbier Hefetrüb
    Augustiner Dunkel
    Augustiner Edelstoff
    Augustiner Lagerbier Hell
    Früh Kölsch

    Greif Bräu Weisse
    Karg Weissbier Hell
    Keesmann Bamberger Herren Pils
    Mahrs Bräu Ungespundet Hefetrüb
    Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen
    Tegernseer 1806 Max I. Josef Jubiläums Export

    Vierzehnheiligen Nothelfer Urdunkel Export
    Uerige Alt

    I have previously had all of these beers but was fascinated to try the Rauchbier on draught as I had only had it previously in the bottle. This sample was much more subdued than the bottled version. It was still full of Bamberg smokiness but was much more subtle, especially the aroma. It was still lovely though and thoroughly drinkable, a true World Classic.

    In the interests of trying new beers I then worked my way through various beers from England, Germany and Belgium:

    Grainstore 1050
    Hösl Süffikus Starkbier
    Hösl Stiflands Dunkler Bock
    Wittekerke Rosé
    Kapuziner Weissbier
    Grainstore Gold
    Thatchers Medium Cider

    All of these were decent enough, but then I moved on to some lovely lambics. Some beers are just made for sharing, and in the company of haddonsman, it seemed the proper thing to do to split two 75 cl bottles. We therefore had Cantillon Iris and Cantillon FouFoune

    The Iris was a 2003 vintage and dry and sour as one would expect from Cantillon. It was acidic and puckeringly sour, but truly delicious. The FouFoune was a treat to look at being vibrantly orange in the glass. Again it was sour and acidic. The nose was reminiscent of sweaty socks, and the taste was dry and tart. This lambic is brewed with apricots, although I really didn't pick out this specific fruit. It was, though, lovely.

    Both of these beers were a real treat. I wouldn't want to drink a whole 750ml to myself and am greatful to Simon for being there to share. We sometimes have the oddest beers in the strangest situations, but somehow drinking lambic at a German Beer Festival seemed the right thing to do.


    haddonsman said...

    Next time, remind me to eat something. Lambic + no food = interesting stomach cramp.

    In keeping with drinking the wrong beers at the wrong festivals, we ought to have the Saint Lamvinus at their next cider and cheese fest!

    maeib said...

    True. Food can be a waste of drinking time, but it must be done.