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    Wednesday, 18 July 2007

    A Little March By Little People

    A protest march took place on Saturday in Wells, Somerset, against the English smoking ban. The organisers were two guys who object to the fact that they cannot smoke in their work van, nor whilst setting up their karaoke kit at various venues. I think it's pretty sad that these people don't appear to have the legs to walk outside for a fag, or stop their van and step outside, yet they can happily do a march.

    I'm hoping stories like this will go away shortly and I can concentrate on writing beer stories rather than stuff about the smoking ban, but I do believe in highlighting the vain idiocy of people who believe they can beat the law. The argument they use that "One aspect to remember when living in a democratic society is the free will to vote on changes, no such vote has been taken or even been offered for this matter" just doesn't wash. The British public do not, and cannot vote on every new law that is introduced. Why do these idiots think we should?

    On a lighter note, and what is hopefully a sign that people are seeing the sense in complying, only forty people turned up to march. And to think, because they were outside they could have smoked to their heart's content! Perhaps most smokers are just not fit enough to walk long distances.

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