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    Wednesday, 25 July 2007

    Well, The Kiwis Can Do It

    After my report yesterday about the likelihood of the US cask beer not turning up at GBBF, I find out today that a mobile pub is on its way from New Zealand.

    How ironic that there appear to be no problems with this cargo from so many more thousands of miles away. Drinkers are expected to be enjoying Speight's beers in London in a few weeks after the boat has travelled via Samoa, Panama, Bahamas and New York. This is a further kick in the teeth especially, let's face it, as Speight's beers are pretty inferior products compared to what was due to arrive from the USA.


    Stonch said...

    "Kick in the teeth" - I think you're taking it a bit personally, fella! But it is a bloody nuisance - the USA beers were the thing I was most looking forward to.

    Although Speights is meant to be bloody awful, hopefully this boat will be rammed with Kiwi birds. The thinking man's Aussie, I always say. Worth a look.

    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    Haha oh dear, this is abit like me sitting here looking at the cans of carling that get imported here.

    Speights Porter (brewed in the only Kauri gyles left in the world after the closure of Gales) is decent but its unlikly that they will be exporting that. Particulary as they have just stopped bottling it.

    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    and as for Kiwi birds ....well I must admit I have always had a thing for Ladies with english accents so...