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    Friday, 13 July 2007

    Beer Drinker Of The Year - More Thoughts

    I wrote yesterday's piece about Michel Roux on the back of a session at Derby Beer Festival, so you'll excuse the fact that I didn't cover all the points that I should have.

    Firstly the award is beer drinker of the year. There is no actual evidence of Michel drinking the stuff at all. He has just devised a bit of a beer list and thought about how beers may accompany food.

    Secondly it seems like a real throw away award. In the US there is a similar competition, won this year by Diane Catanzaro, in which entrants have to show a vast knowledge of beer including such things as beer chemistry, styles and history, to the finalists’ abilities to sing old beer-advertising jingles and recall esoteric beer trivia. They are quizzed by judges for two hours to demonstrate their commitment to, and knowledge of beer.

    It's not a pre-requisite to be a World Class chef, just a world class beer drinker. Diane deserves our adulation. I'm not sure Michel does.

    1 comment:

    Stonch said...

    With respect, she sounds like the eptiome of the beer geek. I prefer the chef who has broken the mould by promoting quality beer in a top restaurant.

    Beer geeks put people off beer, they make it less accessible. They have their place, just not on the front line.