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    Sunday, 29 July 2007

    Drink Locale

    I am very impressed with Nottingham CAMRA's initiative to drink local ales. This is a great idea for people who like to drink local produce and the pump clip crowns clearly advertize where a beer has been produced within twenty miles of the pub.

    For someone like me who likes to try as many different beers as possible it's not so relevant, although if I visit a pub where I have tried all the available beers I do feel inclined to drink local ales. My last three visits to Northampton pubs have seen beers from four county breweries, which is a very positive thing. Although the three previous trips saw none. Perhaps if more local CAMRA branches followed this initiative more microbreweries would be allowed to flourish.

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    haddonsman said...

    It's a great idea - good for the environment, great way of showcasing local beer. I think all CAMRA branches should have to run the scheme. Let's face it, it's not difficult to find at least half a dozen pubs in each area that serve local beer, so there will always be a nucleus of pubs to build up from.