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    Wednesday, 4 July 2007

    A Gift From Mexico

    Wooh. Lucky old us. A new Mexican beer is to be launched in the UK. Mexicali is described as "a highly drinkable and distinctive lager" which will appeal to customers who are "becoming more adventurous in their beer selections and are looking for authentic Latin beers".

    I am not sure such a person exists. Apart from people like me who will try anything once for a rating, the type of person who will drink Mexicali are those who think a segment of lime in their Sol or Corona is the height of chic. Looking at others opinions on RateBeer it's not a beer to get exited about. If any of you are lucky enough to have tried it, then let us all know. When I find it I'll give it a review here.

    (Bet you can't wait for that)


    Bailey said...

    I'll admit it -- I've occasionally enjoyed a bottle of Corona, in the right company, in the right circumstances, when there's nothing better about. But I won't be rushing out to try this...

    maeib said...

    I hated Corona and Sol when I tried them. I imagine this will be just as bad.