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    Tuesday, 3 July 2007

    Protesting In Vain

    So the moronic landlord I reported on a few weeks ago, went ahead with his protest on Sunday as threatened. Apparently a goodly number of protestors turned up and enjoyed their carcinogens. The landlord, though, may live to regret his actions, as he has already received his first warning for breaking the law. The next stage is a prosecution warning, and then a local councillor has threatened to have the pub closed down. Interestingly, landlord Nick Hogan who is now the face of the smoking protestor stated he is not looking for legislation to be overturned, just amended. Well to my mind an amendment is tantamount to the legislation being deemed not fit for purpose. There is absolutely no chance of anything changing, and even if, as Nick suggests, the voting smoker speaks with their 'X' in future elections, any future Government will not amend this law. I hope Nick has the bottle to keep rebelling, as I would love to see him made a big example of, and his, no doubt crappy, pub being bolted shut pretty swiftly.

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