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    Monday, 18 June 2007

    Nuns Love An Excuse To Drink Beer

    I just had to copy this which I received in an e-mail from Belgian Shop

    "Fifty nuns drank half a liter of beer a day for 45 days, then stopped for six months. Then they took 400 milligrams of hops daily for 40 days.

    The result was a six percent reduction in total cholesterol among those with high levels, the Centre said.

    “We did it for the good of humanity,” Sister Almerinda Alvarez said.

    Good news, but the usual caveats apply. Taking up drinking beer, or increasing ones intake, is generally self-defeating. Even so, if you’re the type of person who eats a bag of pork rinds while watching the game, any health benefits you would receive from the beer would be counteracted."

    Firstly, I find it hilarious that Spanish nuns have chosen to hold this experiment. They have nothing to gain from doing it. Their medical findings really won't be taken that seriously by the rest of the World will they? Secondly they state they are doing it "for the sake of humanity". Come on, who are they kidding? They just like beer! And good on 'em!!

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