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    Sunday, 10 June 2007

    Visit To Beers Of Europe

    I have made five online orders from Beers Of Europe, but earlier this week I made my first visit in person.

    Even though the address makes it sound like it's in deepest darkest Norfolk, it's actually just off the A10 main road from Kings Lynn to the South, and is signposted from the main road when you arrive at Setchey village.

    For me the selection available online is better than any other off licence in the UK, and the postage charges of £7.95 next day delivery regardless of the number of beers ordered is superb. It means it's not really necessary to visit them unless in the neighbourhood what with petrol prices the way they are.

    Anyway, I was in the area so paid them a visit. I hoped that the selection would be even better than online, but it's not. Beers were available which the website suggests are sold out, but there aren't any additional beers. Therefore it's pretty obvious that the website is more accurate than most.

    The shop is huge. They stock over 500 different beers easily. It would be pretty daunting for the uninitiated, but as a seasoned beer shopper I enjoyed strolling round. Their prices are excellent; none of the beers I bought were more than £2 with most of them being German 500ml beers.

    In conclusion go visit if nearby but ordering online is definitely more cost effective. Companies like this need our support and hopefully if we do support them, they will feel confident enough to import more quality brews in times to come.

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