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    Saturday, 1 December 2007

    Around The World In 60 Pubs

    A 25 day, 12 country, 60 pub-crawl has been condemned as irresponsible by Australian do-gooders.

    The World Pubcrawl is organised by Thirsty Swagman in Australia is set to leave London in March next year and it is promised to participants that "the only sightseeing they'll do is the inside of a bar."

    The Australian Medical Association have unsurprisingly described it as "dangerous and irresponsible", and that it promotes binge drinking.

    Of course it is a rather stupid way of spending around £5000 even if a World Beer Tour is something we all aspire to. Our ideas of booze cruises though are very different to this which I am sure will be visiting what are laughingly described as trendy bars, rather than brewpubs and beer palaces.

    Still if anyone really feels they have the liver for such an event then the best of luck to them.


    Stonch said...

    But Mark, "trendy bars" is an expression only ever used in a negative sense by those trying to deride a particular establishment for not meeting their own (usually narrow minded) requirements!

    Just as the expression "piped music" is only ever used pejoratively. I don't think I've ever heard the term outside of real ale and trad pub journals and guides!

    maeib said...

    My requirements are very narrow minded Stonch. I want good beer in a nice atmosphere with any music at a level which still allows reasonable conversation.

    I have visited what I describe as trendy bars, but thankfully those days are now over!

    I challenge you to do a piece on your local Chicago Rock Cafe or some such 'pub'. I do agree they have their place; I snogged my wife for the first time in my one and only visit to the one in Northampton, but I had to make do with drinking Bacardi Breezers (ugh)

    Stonch said...

    Mark, I can't stand horrible chain bars like Chicago Rock Cafe. However you seem to ruling out all manner of great places that have just as much authenticity as trad jazz, old fashioned pubs. To be honest I think that's one of the major problems that holds good beer back - too many of its devotees deride anywhere that doesn't represent some kind of fictional "traditional pub" straight from the mind of Belloc (who was, by all accounts, a twat by the way).