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    Monday, 17 December 2007

    Help For Heroes Spitfire - A Deception?

    Without trawling through every page on the Internet, I can find no proof that Help For Heroes Spitfire is a new beer. It is however described as such in various places.

    The beer appears just to be the regualr Spitfire but sold in 250 ml bottles. There is no doubt that Help For Heroes is a worthy cause but there does appear to be some deception here.

    Shepherd Neame are such a huge brewery that they could and should do better than this. If anybody can show me that I am incorrect, and that this is indeed a new beer then I would be glad to be proven wrong.


    Stonch said...

    Mark, I don't get your point, to be honest. I suppose that the press coverage you link to is indeed misleading if this is simply Spitfire in smaller bottles (the Publican article is at worst ambiguous, however). Having said that, does it really matter? If they want to put a product in a smaller bottle and give it a slightly different name in order to support a good cause and get some publicity, why the criticism?

    maeib said...

    Because it says new beer even on the Shepherd Neame website. I know this won't matter to 98% of the population but mistruths are mistruths, and articles should be accurate.

    I don't tell lies in my blog and I'm sure you don't either. We as readers (and drinkers) deserve the truth.

    I realise it's trivial but I'm a stickler for honesty.

    I still don't understand why SN can't actually produe a brand new beer for what is a worthy cause (perhaps a stronger Winter version of Spitfire??)

    Stonch said...

    I doubt it's an issue of "dishonesty", probably just a mistake by the marketing people.

    Also, are we sure this isn't a new beer? It might be a slightly different recipe.

    The Beer Nut said...

    Ehm, does no-one else think it's at best ironic (and at worst offensive) that they're trying to help wounded veterans with a beer named after something designed to create dead and wounded servicemen?

    Stonch said...

    It seems Sheps are experts at causing offence!

    maeib said...

    Beer Nut you're spot on. That didn't occur to me at all, and could have been a whole extra article.