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    Thursday, 27 December 2007

    I'm So Hard To Buy For.

    It's always great to get what you want for Christmas, but pretty rubbish when you get something which is bought with good intentions but actually turns out to be disappointing.

    That's why people don't buy me beer for Christmas. I'm so fussy! I either want beers I've not had before or really good stuff. Don't just nip to the nearest supermarket and buy a random selection for a tenner or, far worse, buy one of those rip off selection packs from British Home Stores or some such place. I will fail to appreciate it.

    Therefore this year I only received one beer and that after receiving a text message asking if I had heard of the particular beer. My Christmas gift was Locher Balik Beer, an 11% beer from Switzerland brewed "to an old Russian porter recipe with brown malt, Russian kwas, hops and water from balik's own source at Ebersol. It is then matured for one year in old oak butts and receives individual care up to its maturity".

    This all sounds pretty interesting, even if you can tell it's not as dark as you would expect from looking through its green glass bottle. I'll get round to drinking it sometime in the Spring probably. I'll feed back.


    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    I got some awesome gifts this year, some bar towels for the wall in the bar, and from my Grandfather 2 full bottles of Stout from an NZ brewery that was closed down in 1950 for the bottle collection !!

    I also got the annual novalty bottle opener... cant win them all.

    The Beer Nut said...

    If kwas is the same as kvas, that sounds fantastic. I used to drink kvas by the gallon in Russia. It would add a lovely tannic flavour to a beer, I'd say.