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    Monday, 3 December 2007

    Pigs Ear Beer Festival Tomorrow

    It's the first day of the Pigs Ear Beer Festival tomorrow and I'm happy to be going. Pigs Ear is so named as it is the cockney rhyming slang for beer. The festival is being held in Hackney for the second successive year after previously being held in Stratford until a problem with the venue meant that there was no festival at all for a couple of years. I'm pretty excited, not least because it's my first big festival in nearly four months, and because the cask and foreign beer lists are very good indeed.

    I am particularly looking forward to a couple of the lambics I've not yet had, and a fair few British milds and stouts look interesting too. Hopefully the problems of last year which were beyond the control of the organisers (powercut) will be a dim and distant memory.

    I'll report back later in the week with how I get on.


    Stonch said...

    Mark, I hope to see you there tomorrow. I'm shooting to make at 8 or 9, maybe earlier if I'm very lucky.

    I'm a bit put out that there don't seem to be any draught foreign beers. I don't have much time for bottled beers at the best times, let alone at a beer festival where I simply don't see the point.

    maeib said...

    I'll have to be gone before 8 as I have to get home to Northampton for the last bus so sadly we may not get to meet up.

    There will be draught German beers but the list hasn't been published yet as I imagine Olaf is still on his way to London with all the German stuff.

    I will be buying some bottles to bring home, and we may well be cracking some open to share at the fest.

    brendan said...

    I saw that they have the Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza in their foreign beers selection. It is quite good and worth your notice.

    Anonymous said...

    Sob Sob, all that lovely foreign beer so far away :-(