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    Sunday, 2 December 2007

    A Pint Is Best With Your Pie

    It's nice to see beer getting a mention in a food writer's review of a meal. I found this piece on the blog of the Manchester Evening News' food critic.

    She clearly enjoyed the pint of Acorn Barnsley Bitter she had, and appreciated the part it played in the cooking of her pie. It's good that she preferred the beer a great deal more than the house wine on offer. Acorn is a particular favourite brewery of mine making clean simple English style ales which all somehow seem to taste like they know how best to use quality products. I mentioned them in my ten happening breweries piece, so it's good to see them enjoyed in this way.

    In spite of all this praise on the beer and the meal, I will have to say though that the picture of the pie, chips and peas does't make my mouth water nearly as much as the pint of bitter would!

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    Anonymous said...

    Acorn Summer Pale is the perfect summer pint whilst their Old Moor Porter is the ideal pint for darker winter evenings.

    On the subject of beer and food there can be no better combination than pie and pint. Why would you want to complicate the simplicity and honesty of a pie by drinking some fancy wine with it?